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A Sailor Moon music video my friends and I have been working on! It's been in the planning since early this year, and after shooting for two days, we finally finished our project with the help of Jace our videographer!

Check it out on youtube!
Reblog it on tumblr!
Several people have been asking lately, but I'm not sure when I'll have commissions back open officially. For the time being, though, I have a $25 commission package giveaway going on at my facebook fanpage.… So if you really wanted something, you can always enter to win there.

Life has been really busy on my end with school, work, conventions, and my own personal life, but I'm trying my hardest to get through everything and come out a better person because of it. I apologize for my inactivity in terms of journals and replies, but as I stated, I have a lot on my plate at the moment. xD I hope you're all doing well~
I still have 10 cosplays and some other cosplay and non-cosplay items for sale! More information/pictures/prices can be found on this tumblr post!… Please let me know if you're interested in anything or have any questions, I need money.... Dx
I'm selling 13 of my cosplay, more information/pictures/prices can be found on my tumblr!…
I am hosting a giveaway for my last Old Friends poster from SDCC this year. The information can be found on my tumblr. :]…
I will be attending Anime Conji this weekend and debuting 2 new costumes! Flame Princess and Death the Kid. :] My friend( Digital--Love ) and I will have tables in artist alley. I will be at table # 10, and she will be #11. Here's the layout!… I won't have that much to sell since I've been so busy with school and work, but I'll be testing out selling buttons(adventure time and my little pony).

See you there, maybe? If not, next stop is Fanime! :D

Facebook Page:
Commission information:…
If you haven't heard yet, has launched an official Legend of Korra website where you can earn points to win prizes, including the chance to go to SDCC'12 and meet the creators of Avatar!

Here's a link to join:

Here's a video about it:

Thank you everyone! I was one of the first 100 to reach 500! 8D I have now replaced my link with a friend of mine's. :]
Hello everyone, I've recently come upon a facebook page called M. Night should be hanged for treason against the Avatar fan base. and on this page's wall I discovered one of the group's favorite games "yay or nay?" targeting cosplayers and their resemblance to the character they're dressed as. I made a video, encouraging others to report the page for harassment and they found my video and proceeded to attack my friends and myself online. Lovely thing to come home to after a long day at school and work, eh? I have since made another, shorter, <a href=""]video that is more specific on w>y this is an issue.

Again, I am encouraging everyone who agrees with me to report that facebook page. They're stealing our images, posting them without permission, and encouraging people to mock us on things we can't help as humans.
Hey everyone! Today is the last day to vote in the recent ACP cosplay contests. My friends and I have all entered in the Sailor Moon contest, our user names are kimba616(me, of course), LadyStaba(Galaxia), Raven-Roth(Sailor Saturn), blueeyedmage(Uranus and Neptune), YuffieK(Sailor Pluto), and Misspanda(Sailor Mercury)! Contest Link You don't have to vote for us, but we'd all like your consideration! :3

I've also finished with all of my commissions as of yesterday. I'm shipping them all today, so hopefully everyone will get their customs soon! :]

As for conventions... My next planned cons were ALA and Sac Anime. I wanted to have four costumes done by then, but because of school, work, conventions, real life drama(aka my car getting broke into, stuff being stolen, etc.) my new goal is two costumes(Erza Knightwalker, Marceline the Vampire Queen.) Also, some friends and I are entering in the Sac Anime Masquerade in a MLP skit. I'm doing the pattern work for the group. xD My life is promising to be very busy, I just hope everything works out in the end!

I still have a few things up on Etsy that I would LOVE to sell!…

Commission information:…
I'm no longer taking commissions right now. Life has gotten way too hectic, so I'm going to finish the ones I've taken in the next week and then be done for a while. Sorry, there's just too much happening irl right now.

I still have a few things up on Etsy that I would LOVE to sell!…

Commission information:…
A day late, but whatever. I am now open for commissions! Please read my rules and FAQ before requesting something. :] Thank you!

Also, I still have a few things up on Etsy!…

Commission information:…
First of all, I  really need money for school right now so I've listed my left over hats from sac anime up on Etsy!… PLEASE take a look and see if you want any of what I have left over!

Second of all, I've decided that I'm no longer going to make hats ready to buy at conventions. That means the only way you can get one from me now is through commission. I'm sorry to have to do this, but it take a lot of time, energy, and money to prepare them for conventions and I know I'll get a lot more other stuff done if I lay off mass making hats. That doesn't mean I'm stopping artist alley. I'll still be selling my other crafts there. c:

Last, I will be posting a journal on October 30TH for commissions! A lot of you have been asking me specifics, so there's your date! That means you can commission anything I have in my gallery or anything else custom! As always, my commission information is in a link below. :]

Commission information:…
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I have a facebook page. : D… have no shame, but I do have people that I don't know trying to friend me, therefor this page now exists. haha Feel free to like? xD

So I've been pretty busy since I last updated my journal. Fanime was pretty awesome, made back enough money to fund my summer cosplays! Kintoki was alright, hardly made any money. AX was fun, debuted my Plugsuit and had an awesome time partying but the staff and lack of organization was a downer. Comic con was AMAZING thanks to the Legend of Korra panel and such! Also debuted my Nightmare Moon(MLP) cosplay. And now I'm getting ready for my last con of the season(year? D: ) where I'll be wearing my new(not yet finished,) Super Sailor Jupiter cosplay with my huuuge group who will be in the masquerade! I'll also be in artist alley. :]

After all that fun stuff, though, school starts again for me, which means very little free time. But I'm going to try to squeeze in at least 1 new cosplay(probably Winona from Pokemon) and open up for commissions again before the holidays. :]

Commission information:…
I will be attending Fanime this coming weekend! I'll be sharing a table with my friend Digital--Love in artist alley, our table number is 318 -->… Come see us? I will be selling hats, pixel art, jewelry, and will even be doing custom pokewalkers! And Ash will be selling prints, keychains, buttons, and earrings!

I will also be participating in this year's masquerade! It's an avatar skit, and therefore awesome! :]


Friday: Brief(normal), Brief(Bunny)
Saturday: Kris, secret avatar cosplay
Sunday: Juvia, secret avatar cosplay(masquerade)
Monday: Kris

If you see me, say hi! :]


Commission information:…
Commission information:…

Some of you have been watching me for a while and some of you just recently added me. I know I've changed my submission style a lot from what it used to be, but while I do enjoy drawing I have very little time for it and I feel the style I was finally beginning to develop has diminished with lack of practice. Anyway, I hope that for whatever reason you are watching me, you're enjoying my *now occasional* submissions.

Here's my question, though. I've been doing a lot of different stuff lately, most of which I don't post. Examples being different crafts I sell at cons(jewelry, keychains, etc), wig styling, and cosplay works in progress. What I'm wondering is if you(my watchers) are interested in seeing some of these things in my gallery, or if you'd rather not.

Let me know. :]
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Commission information:…

Decided very last minute to go with :iconshotzgoboom: and :iconmaxbyer: to AOD this weekend, and I'll be entering my Victreebel loves James: costume in the masquerade, where I will have an actual James costume underneath. :] And :devsolemsally: will be entering her Princess Yue:! Hopefully one of us will win, because the prize is AWESOME! : D

See you there? :]
I'll be sharing an Artists' Alley table with :icondigital--love: at Sac Anime this weekend! I'm shooting for the same spot as last time; right by the entrance, so you can't miss me. ;]  I'll only have left-over hats from last time, since I didn't have enough time to re-stock. But I'll have LOADS of hats in time for Fanime. ;) Other than that I'll have bead sprites and some jewelry/keychains that I have yet to post in my gallery.

Friday I'll be Victreebel -->James, Saturday I'll be Juvia, and Sunday I'll be Ramona Flowers!

Before you jump to post first, make sure you read all of my rules and additional information!

1) Know ahead of time what you want me to make. Don't say something like "___ or ___, whichever is easier." One hat/plush per person.

2) HATS: include your head measurement(in inches) in your request and if you want it to fit snugly or loose. My pattern makes the hat roughly 8" from middle seam to rim, so tell me if you want it any shorter/longer.

3) PLUSHES:  My plushes are about 9"-10" tall, please include if you want it small(7"), normal, or large in size(12").

4)If you want a duplicate of one of my existing items just know it won't be exactly the same since I'm only human.  If it's not one of my existing designs, draw up a sketch or describe in detail exactly how you want it to look(there are multiple ways to go about making a pokemon hat, say if you want eyes/ear flaps/etc.) Keep in mind this is just my hobbie, so I can't claim it will look store bought.

5) I have the right to turn down your offer if I feel I won't be able to do it properly.

6) If I accept, then I'll tell you my price. I'll also provide my own sketch if you did not include one. Feel free to give me your input at this point.

7) Once I receive your money I'll start on your item. It can take me anywhere from a day to a few weeks depending on my workload, but I'll keep you updated.

8) When your hat is complete I'll send you pictures and adjustments can be made if needed. After that I'll ship it as soon as possible. Be sure to tell me when you receive it and leave feedback. Feel free to send pictures, too! :]

The base price is $15 + $5 shipping(within the US) + $2(international). I will raise the price depending on the number of pieces I'll need to cut, the materials involved(additional fleece for lining, stuffing, wire, accessories), complexity, and the amount of time I expect it to take. I only take paypal.

:star:Mini FAQ

:star: Do you do ART TRADES?  
I do accept art trades/exchanges. Feel free to make an offer, just know that I'm picky and will likely only accept if it's an item I need for a cosplay, etc.

:star:What materials do you use?
All my hats are made from Polyester Fleece. Other materials may include, but are not limited to, polyester fiber fill, glue, puff paint, and 20 gage wire.

:star:How do I wash my hat?
I wouldn't suggest washing your hats in the washing machine. The fleece is likely to pill and not be as soft afterward. Wash by hand with a soft soap and let it air dry.

:star:Can you post a pattern/tutorial for your hats?
No, sorry. There are plenty of tutorials out there already. A quick google search is all it takes.

:star:I don't have the money right now, but I want a ____. Can you make it for me and hold it until I have enough?
No. Seriously, no. Just wait for more spots to open when you have the money, it's really not that much.

:star:I want a hat, but not a pokemon hat. Will you take my request?
Yes, I'll take commissions that aren't pokemon, even something simple like a cat or bunny hat. If your request is complicated be sure to provide a good picture/description to ensure you get what you want.

:star:All of your open slots are filled, but I really want a hat. Will you take one more/hold me a spot for next time?
No. Just wait until next time. Please.

If you have any other questions feel free to ask. That way I can add to the mini faq section.


By Price..


Pokemon White:

White Pikmin:…
Yellow Pikmin:…
Adventure Time:…

Chain Comp:…

Dinosaur 1:…
Dinosaur 2:…


Rainbow Dash:




Edward Elric:…
Kim Pine:
Roxie Richter:
Juvia Loxar:
Gray Fullbuster:

Natsu Dragonil:…

You can also commission....


For pokewalkers, you can either ship your pokewalker to me, or I can purchase one for you from the Nintendo store.…

Prices vary on size and complexity of sprite, check the links below for price examples.

Set 1 prices -
Set 2 -
Set 3 -
Set 4 -
Set 5 -

To commission a sprite you must provide a clean image for me to work off of. Check the Spriter's Resource, I will not search for you.

Shipping for sprites will vary on size, as well. The smaller the sprite, the cheaper the shipping, of course.


I will be taking a limited number of commissions. Both from deviant art and Livejournal.

Deviant Art
1. Amelia-Seyruun - Juvia plushie
2. [LJ]punkspacewafers - Elesa plush
3. [LJ]hex_girl - Gray Fullbuster plush
4. [LJ]okitakarin - Killua plush
5. [LJ]zangooseel - Uroboros Wesker plush
6. [LJ]coyul - Pantherlilly plush
7. jezatron - Rainbow Dash hat
8. KrazyKau - Mudkip hat


:star:Sales Feedback!…
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Commission information:…

Despite lousy location and not making my quota, I did pretty well this convention. I'd say it would have to be my new hobby of making perler bead sprites that really boosted my total profit, so you can expect to see more of them uploaded in my gallery!

Here's my quick rundown of this con!

First day! Wore FN Suki with my friend Sarah-Strazberry dressed as a yellow pikmin. Not much happened, spent the day at the table with :iconshotzgoboom: and various others. We seriously had a party at our booth or something. Sooo many people. lol after the con we gathered a pretty large group and went out for pizza, where we stayed until it closed talking about old cartoons, video games, and how irl the John Smith/Pocahontas relationship would have been disgusting. Oh God.

Very busy crazy day. Wore Mawile so I was automatically 20% more worn out when I got there. Pokemon gathering at 1pm, got pictures. Masquerade sign in and pictures at 2pm. The wait was ridiculous and it was sweltering hot in my costume. Got back to the table and things were kind of going crazy. Not mentioning names or events, just that it was stressing me out more. Our friend was nice enough to go out and get everyone Carl's Jr. so that was awesome. Anyway, Masquerade at 5pm. Some of the skits were "meh" but quite a few were entertaining. :] ShotzgoBoom and her group won best in show! You can see their skit here:… I got best craftsmanship beginners level for my Mawile head/jaw. The prize was lame, but winning was pretty cool.

Debuted my Ramona Flowers cosplay! The wig was lame since I couldn't get it to style correctly in the short amount of time I had. It will be better for Wondercon. We had a pretty sweet last minute Scott Pilgrim group/meetup: which was LOADS of fun! Didn't spend much time at the table unfortunately. And I didn't get a chance to say bye to a lot of people. :( Afterward, though, we went to get some Sushi and lots of fun was had! Then I went to bed really early and slept for 12 hours. xD

In the end I sold:
25/33 Hats
50/53 Sprites
2/2 Plushies

Also, all of my business cards were taken. lol! I thought I would have way more than enough but apparently not.. xD

I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who bought something from me or Sasha! And thankyouthankyouthankyou Sarah, Lauren, and Max for helping me complete some of my items. I don't know what I'd have done without you guys!

So here's the deal, guys. I'm not going to be taking commissions for at least a month so that I can get a good start this semester. But I have a few things from Sac Anime that didn't get sold that I'm selling. I'm posting this on both dA and LJ, so I'll determine who gets what based on the time your comment was sent. If payment is not recieved within 24 hours, the item goes back up and repeat. I ONLY take paypal. No exceptions. Shipping is $5 in the US, $8 international. With that in mind, here's what I have:…

Pikachu x3 $15 each
Green Mushroom x2 $10 each
Red Pikmin x1 $15
Bellossom x1 $22
Purple/Black cat x1 $12

Box Ghost x1 $10
Ariel x1 $8
Cheshire Cat x1 $8

FAQ is here, along with my commission information. And as always, if you have any other questions feel free to ask!
Commission information:…

Sac Anime starts up tomorrow! I'll be there selling with :iconshotzgoboom: again. :] I'll have various hats, a few plushies, and perler bead items. Come visit us in Artists' Alley! Just remember it has been moved once more:… We'll be in one of the rooms past the courtyard near the bottom.

See you there!