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July 12, 2013
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Jul 4, 2013, 1:52:54 PM
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We Can Take'em by Kimba616 We Can Take'em by Kimba616
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I was lucky enough to be a part of Crunchyroll's first sponsored cosplay group this AX and I had a blast!! I love Sasha's character and maybe not for the reasons you think. While she seems to be the “comedic relief" character of the series, she also has much more to her than that. She is brave, strong, and loyal. She loves food, yes, but it’s not the only likable and relatable part of her character, and it makes me so sad that people only seem to focus on that.

That said, this was an amazing costume to wear because I actually got a lot of free food. HAHAHA

If you want to check out Attack on Titan, Click this link to sign up for a free 30 day trial at Crunchyroll! You can watch it in pretty HD, commercial free, and you'll be supporting the anime industry since this site is completely legal!

Photo by Eurobeat Kasumi Photography
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Mallenroh001 Mar 2, 2014  Professional General Artist
yay for once a cosplay of a character I know! XD 
Where did you get your maneuver gear? Really really awesome cosplay.
Saroyarin Aug 9, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist

so awesome! ouo great work

may I ask, how did you keep your sheaths attached to your side?? they look as though there's nothing holding them there! D:

shamedgeeky Jul 13, 2013  Student Artisan Crafter
you look amazing!!!
Mangamad Jul 13, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Oh...the potato girl. XD
Even though I've seen this on Tumblr already, I'm glad you posted this photo here. Again, your take on Sasha has a very courageous and professional look, which make it seems like you were trying to show the part of her character that you're fond of.

I'm curious of a couple of things, though. First, was the costume done by you or provided via the event? It looks great, but I'm really impressed if you played a part in its creation. Secondly, the twist of your left hand makes me wonder if it was painful to hold that pose for the shot. I don't mean any harm, since maybe it's not as bad as it seems to me, but it looks like that would have been a bit challenging.

Anatomy concerns aside, this is a great effort on your part, and I'm glad I got to see a high-res shot of it. Well done! (Since I'm not familiar with the series, maybe I'll also take your generous offer to heart. Thanks!)
Thank you for your comment! :D Since this was an official cosplay group, matching was very important. And many of us were hundreds of miles apart, and even in different states, we decided to find a seller online that we all ordered our costumes from. We replaced the shirts & pants with our own and did some heavy alterations on the straps(they were very oddly fitted). Our wigs were provided by our sponsor, Epic Cosplay, and styled by each cosplayer. Those of us with 3dmg made it ourselves. :]

As for my hand, it was fine, actually! I have double jointed thumbs so whenever I do anything with my hands in photos it looks odd. xD The reason I'm holding the sheath like that is because I made the face detachable so that I could store small items inside. The face was held on by magnets, and my blades were unfortunately damaged at the ribbon cutting ceremony of the convention when people ran up the stairs an into my group. :[

And yes! You should check out the series! It's a bit gory, but still really good. :]
No problem. It was a pleasure. :)

Your explanation takes care of pretty much every question I had and then some about the process. It sounds like the group was organized and trusting enough of one another to make sure everyone's costume would be consistent and up-to-par in quality, so kudos on that, as well. :)

I also suspected some double-jointedness in the hand somewhere, but it was really the wrist and twist of the hand that I noticed most about the pose. All being said, it looks like everything worked out in the end, despite the challenges presented.

Yep, I'm currently three episodes into the series, so I'm getting a good understanding of its charm now. That first episode was powerful enough (and for good reason), but it's nice to know it does have a light side as well. Sasha's character is also pretty evident early on, which makes it easy to understand what you appreciate about her. :)
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